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Python scripting for ArcGIS pdf

Python scripting for ArcGIS pdf free download

 python scripting for arcgis pdf free downloadPython Scripting for ArcGIS is a guide to help experienced users of ArcGIS for Desktop get started with Python scripting. This book teaches how to write Python code that works with spatial data to automate geoprocessing tasks in ArcGIS. Readers can thus learn the skill set needed to create custom tools. The book contains 14 chapters, with the corresponding data and exercises on the accompanying DVD. A 180-day trial of ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop software is also provided as an online download. Key topics in this book include: Python language fundamentals, Automating geoprocessing tasks, Exploring and manipulating spatial data, Working with geometries and rasters, Map scripting, Debugging and error handling, Creating functions and classes, and Creating and sharing script tools. 

This book contains four major parts. Part 1 covers the fundamentals of  geoprocessing in ArcGIS for Desktop as well as the fundamentals of the  Python language. Depending on your background and experience, you may already be familiar with some or all of this material. Part 2 covers how to write scripts that work with spatial data. This is really the core of the book and includes chapters on running tools in Python, describing data, and manipulating and creating data. Part 3 explores a number of more specialized tasks, such as map scripting, debugging and error handling, and creating Python functions and classes. Part 4 goes into how to create a tool out of your script and how to share it with others. By the end of the book, you will be able to create custom tools that use Python scripting to automate basic tasks in ArcGIS for Desktop.

Each of the 14 chapters in this book is accompanied by an exercise chapter that reinforces the concepts covered in the chapter. All 14 exercise chapters are included on the Data and Exercises DVD that comes with the book. You should first read the chapter, and then complete the accompanying exercise before moving on to the next chapter. Depending on your learning style and familiarity with coding, you can try out some of the code in the chapters as you read them, but you can also read the entire chapter first, and then start the exercise. You should complete the chapters and exercises in order because the concepts introduced in each new chapter build on the preceding ones. Most of the exercises include challenges at the end, which allow you to practice your skills. Solutions for these challenges are also included on the Data and Exercises DVD.

To do the exercises in this book, you need to have ArcGIS 10.x for Desktop software installed on your computer, or else download a trial version of the software. See appendix C for instructions on how to download the software. You will need the code printed on the inside back cover of this book to access the download site. 

This book will teach you the techniques needed to automate tasks in ArcGIS. Perhaps by the end of the book you will become a Python aficionado, or perhaps you will simply be able to save yourself hours of work by using one of the scripts from the book. Whatever the case, beyond the specific skills of writing Python scripts for ArcGIS, you will also learn the basic logic of writing code. This will be helpful beyond the specific task at hand. 

My hope is that the book will contribute to demystifying what “writing code” really is for those who may be a little intimidated by it. And that it will show that writing code is not difficult to learn. Coding as an approach to solving problems is not only a very powerful tool, but is also applicable to many endeavors — I sincerely hope this book will allow you to experience the versatility of Python coding.

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